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RGB Strip Lights vs. RGBIC Strip Lights: Everything you need to know in 2022

If you have been looking for the best-LED light on the market, you must have come across terms like RGBIC or RGB strip lighting. You may end up confused, especially if you’re new to lighting systems. The influx of lighting systems on the market has made it challenging for many people to identify the right LED light for their needs. However, to be on the safe side, it’s advisable to take your time to learn more about the lights before going to shop. Most sellers might mislead you since their primary interest is to make sales and profits.

Excellent strips play a vital role in beautifying your business premises, home, or any place of your choice. Strip lights are essential for parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and any event of your choice. Luckily, this article is here to enlighten you about RGB and RGB strip lights.


So, what is the difference between RGB and RGBIC strip products?

Many people don’t understand how RGBIC slip light differ from RBG ribbon light. Just because the names are almost identical doesn’t mean the two are the same.

What is RGB?

The RGB initials stand for red, green, and blue color light. This LED slip light doesn’t allow you to control each chip independently. That means you can’t change specific chip color; you change the entire lighting strip if you change. On the other hand, RGB LED slip lights come with markings that allow you to cut or separate them and continue working correctly. These LED slip lights used to be very popular sometimes back, but better options such as RGBIC are slowly taking over as the technology advances. However, the RGB lights are reliable and affordable compared to RGBIC (ARGB).


  • RGB doesn’t come with Independent Chip (IC) control
  • It can only display one color at a time.
  • The strips feature markings to cut the strips and continue working well.
  • Offers standard brightness.

What is RGBIC?

This is an upgrade of the traditional RBG LED light with a built-in independent control (IC). Addressable slip light allows you to control and adjust each chip separately. That means you can change the colors to attain a blend of elegant color mix in your slip light. Besides, you can customize the lighting system to suit your event. You can display different color lights on every slip and achieve your desired lighting blend at your business or occasion. Although you can comfortably control each strip on these lighting systems, you’re not allowed to cut or separate the strips. Once you cut the strips, the entire strip light stops working immediately. This is one of the significant differences between the RGBIC and RGB strip lights.

These slips offer an excellent lighting application, especially when incorporating a creative montage. For instance, you can have the lights flashing to accompany the musical beats; a complete RGBIC system will serve you better. All these depend on what you want to achieve when installing the lighting system. One solid color will be perfect if you mount the slips on your interiors, like behind your TV set.


Some of the key features you will find on these fantastic RGBIC slip lights include;

  • Comes with built-in IC chips to allow you to control each strip.
  • Displays different colors at once.
  • Ideal for creating lighting effects
  • Ultra-bright lighting strips
  • These strips cannon be cut.

So, which is better?

Now that you understand the significant differences between the two slip light choosing the best could be challenging. However, the best strip lights will purely depend on what to want to achieve at the end of the day. For instance, if you’re looking for a lighting system for a fun experience like in hotels, clubs, or to beautify your business premises, then RGBIC would make an excellent choice for you. Here, you will need to download the app accompanying this set to control the RGBIC individual chips easily.

On the other hand, if you need LED strip light that allows you to cut them and customize your premises, RGB will work for you.

Where to buy RGB or RGBIC?

It’s essential to note that the market is flooded with multiple RGB and RGBIC products from various manufacturers, each claiming to be the best. Thus, it’s advisable to be careful when shopping for strap lights. Take your time to research to understand various brands on the market. Read various customer reviews available online to give you a glimpse of the brand you’re about to trust.

If you’re finding the whole process confusing, look for lighting experts to help choose the best ribbon lighting to suit your needs.